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Top Independent Country Artists Of The World
No. 1 Song
Lane Brody
Scream Records
Ratings Ending July 25, 2003



Jim Arp
I.C.A. Victim Records
New Country, Vol. #20

Volume #20
has some welcome surprises by the artists on the Emily Brooke record label. It looks like somebody read my review of NC Vol. #19 and has made the changes I suggested. Now that's the way to manage a successful label! Give a listen to all the cuts and I'm sure you'll hear a great improvement. Cut #1 .. Floyd Flowers: Atta' boy Floyd. Now you're cookin'. Maybe we'll hear you on a major label someday. Cut #2 .. Eddie Collins: is an act with the experience to make it BIG! If he can ever settle down to one label long enough to get established, this guy may just make it to the top. Cut #3 .. David Rainey: Here's a newcomer with a great style, great song and great production. Cut #4 - Russell Lynch: What did I tell you? This guy is back with everything better! Cut #5 .. Becky McLean: Hear the difference Becky? Keep up the good work. I like the song and production. Cut #6 .. Janice Payne: Here's the other half of Flowers & Payne with her own song and production. Good work Lady! Cut #7 - Jim Arp: The years have been kind to a real country Legend in his own right. I always enjoy this mans music. Cut #8 .. Chris Schweiger: God ... that's a great song and it's made great by the way Chris sings it! I still say the majors are blind if they don't sign him. Cut #9 .. Katrina Lynn: Another new artist to the Emily Brooke lineup. A great style, with an unusual delivery of the song. Should turn some of those DeeJays into Fans!


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Janice Payne

Janice Payne

Guitarist / Singer/ Songwriter

Surrounded by music all her life, Janice was blessed with a family tradition of singing & playing music.  Many fond memories were grown around Grandmas kitchen table.

She will tell you that her first & greatest love was her first guitar! A wonderful gift from Chet Atkins, to a young girl he had never met. "Now that's inpiring"  Music has always been the avenue, the way of explanation, a story to be told of life's truths & emotions!

You can count on what she writes & sings about. ..She has been there! Count on her songs to be a weaving of life! When playing music, you can see that she is at home. The music moves & stirs the heart. The style is all her own.

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