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Flowers & Payne
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Floyd Flowers & Janice Payne

The term used to discribe the sound is Deep southern vocals with blues flavor that can only be  described as "Flowers and Payne"

 Both artists were brought up in musical families, enjoying the tradition of singing around the kitchen table.  The two met the summer of 1995, while following their dreams in the music world...

Janice Payne, a gutsy Southern Belle who got her first guitar from Chet Atkins when she was only 14,  has developed her own brand of southern writing, singing and playing.  While giving heart felt vocals, she is also one of the finest rhythm guitar players around.

Floyd Flowers, was inspired by the old Dominion Barn Dance and many of their musicians at the tender age of five. He spent most of his life traveling the Eastern and Western states performing with various artist that shared his same devotion.  He is an accomplished guitarist, writer and singer who pumps out the music and lyrics of his soul.

They are one of the newest and most exciting acts to hit the Country Music Industry in many years!

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